Bismark Pastry Tip For Filling Cupcakes

Bismark Pastry Tip

Use our extra large pastry tips to decorate your cakes and cupcakes in fabulous style! 
It's amazing what a pastry tip can do to turn your confections from ordinary into extraordinary.

Made of stainless steel, this Bismark Pastry Tip measures 2" high with a 5/8" wide opening at the top. You can use it with disposable or reusable pastry bags.

And don't forget to order pastry bags!

We have a full line of Pastry Tips available.

 Bling Decorating Set, which includes all four Extra Large Tips:

 Extra Large Round
 Extra Large French Pastry
 Extra Large Open Star
 Extra Large Closed Star
 Grass Pastry Tip
 Bismarck Pastry Tip for Filling Cupcakes

NEED MORE? Before ordering - just contact us. We likely have larger quantities available.